Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Beautiful Blessed Day!!

   I can hardly contain my excitement for all of the little surprises that have shown up on my doorstep today! We went and met with the military housing lady today to inquire if we might be able to get into a house and when. Things were not looking so good until a stroke of very good luck...well and because of my husband's previous arduous duty tour to Diego Garcia, we were bumped up to the top of the housing list, and to beat all we rated the nicest housing on island! So we took a drive out there to check the place out...we were unable to go inside due to it still being occupied but I did get some great shots of the house and the surroundings.

    And this is the view from the back yard!! Can it get any better?? I see lots of barbeques and fun times with friends and family....So who's coming to visit first???
    I just have to give a special thank you that my prayers have been answered and my dear Goddess Lakshmi has shown favorably on the heads of my myself and my family...It seems that all the months of separation and hardship have paid off in unbelievable Karma...Thank you my Divine Mother Lakshmi! Om Shreem Hreem Lakshmi!

    What a blessed day this has been and to top it off I was able to catch a full on rainbow that was so spectacular that it almost made me cry! I feel so completely blissful tonight:-)

    I shall dream sweet tonight:-)

Jennifer Renee


  1. Beautiful! I am so happy everything is working out! You and Chad deserve all of the happiness life can bring!

  2. Jenn and Chad i know you will be very happy here just remember alwaYS LOVE EACH OTHER ,TRUST EACH OTHER ,COMMUNICATE ALWAYS ..HUGSS VAL

  3. Oooooo!!! I'm booking our tickets now! Haha, jk. It is sooo gorgeous and I am soooo jealous of all the photographs you are going to be able to take! I'm sooo happy that all is going well for all of you and I can't wait to watch you through your journey!!!

  4. Love the pictures and you guys surely deserve it!!! Great to see Karma at work!