Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Day Out...

 Today my darling husband Chad, three of our children, and our precious granddaughter Hannahbear took a little drive up the west end of the island. We had not ventured to that side of the island yet, and I was quite shocked to discover that it reminded me completely of San Diego, CA. It was very lovely out that way. Rather than the vast forested mountains of the North, it was more grassy hills and you could see for some distance....beautiful luxury homes dotted the area, with posh shopping centers and restaurants. We had lunch at a little restaurant called Aloha Salads...It was superb...everything served there is produced on the island, from the vegetables and fruit, to the soda pop...I had the most delicious hummus wrap ever! I had never had hummus before and now I can't wait to buy some and try out some recipes with it at home. Although I have sworn off soda, I could not resist trying the Vanilla Creme Soda bottled right there on the island, and of course it was yummy!

    We also took another drive over to the new house just to get a peek in the windows, the old tenants had moved so we would not appear as peeping toms:P We were all so so so excited to see how lovely the inside is...There is so much room and the yard and Lanai are awesome...Standing on the back patio, I had this incredible feeling of bliss...Something tells me that we are going to have a wonderful life in that home and will create happy joyful memories that will last a life time. We will be moving in come Friday, so I promise to get some pictures then... The first thing we plan to buy as a housewarming gift to ourselves is a really nice grill, because we plan to barbeque out every single night!

         Today is my second full day of being facebook free, and I must say as much as I miss all my dear friends, it has been so nice to focus on other things rather than sitting in front of a computer screen...It was a fun filled day connecting with my family...I feel very blessed to have three of our four children here with us right now, but the icing on the cake is having our little bear with us for another four months...she is truly the delight of her Grandpa and Mims life!

Jennifer Renee

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