Monday, June 27, 2011

Hindu Code of Conduct...

I thought I would share here the Code of Conduct within Hinduism according to the Vedas...I do strive to observe these principles in my personal life...I thought this might be helpful to any individual who wishes to understand the Hindu mind a little better....

Mind you these were written by Saiva Guru Patanjali....deemed to be the father of Yoga and ancient author of the Eight-Fold Path to Enlightenment.

The 10 Vedic Restraints (Yamas)

1. Non-Violence (Ahimsa)
Do not harm others by thought, word, or deed. This includes all living creatures.

2.Non-lying (Satya) 
Do not lie or break promises. Be honest in all dealings and act honorably no matter who difficult the situation.  Do not cheat and follow the laws of one's land or government.

3.Non-stealing (Asteya)
Do not take what does not belong to you or fail to repay a debt. Live within your means. Do not gamble or defraud others. 

4. Non-sensuality (Brahmacharya)
Being faithful in marriage...controlling ones sexual urges before marriage and not engaging in indiscriminate sexual situations. In other words, not being promiscuous in thought, word, or deed.
5. Patience (Kshama)
Being agreeable. Do not argue or be rude and dominate others. Remain composed.

6.Steadfastness (Dhriti)
Do not procrastinate. Be firm in your decisions. Do not complain.

7. Compassion (Daya)
Do not be insensitive to others. See the divinity in all creatures and and the Earth itself. Do not be unforgiving. Show sympathy for other's needs and sufferings. 

8. Honesty (Arjava)
Do not be dishonorable and fail to follow the laws of one's land and government. Be honest in all affairs.

9. Moderate Appetite (Mitahara)
Neither eat too much or consume include fish, fowl and eggs. Eat a simple vegetarian diet. Do not drink alcoholic beverages to excess.   

10. Purity (Saucha) 
Do not be impure in thought, words, or actions. Keep a clean and healthy body. Do not keep a dirty and cluttered home. Act virtuously and keep good company.
The 10 Vedic Observances (Niyamas)

1. Remorse (Hri)
Feeling sorry for your mistakes and faults. Sincerely apologizing to those you hurt. Resolve all contention.

2. Contentment (Santosha)
Be a seeker of happiness and peace in life. Smile and uplift others. Be thankful and show gratitude.

3. Giving (Dana)
Be generous with material wealth without looking for praise. Tithe or give to charity. Feed those in need.

4. Faith (Astikya)
Believe unwavering  in God/Goddess. Practice devotion and sadhana. Do not doubt your path to enlightenment.
5. Worship (Ishvarapujana)
Keep an area in your home as a shrine to your God/Goddess. Offer food or flowers daily. Learn japa or  puja. Meditate regularly.
6. Scriptural Listening (Siddhanta Shravana)
Studying words written by the ancient rishis and sages or your chosen guru...Do not waste time exploring other ways.   

7. Congnition (Mati)
Strive to gain knowledge to awaken the spiritual Self. Reflect on spiritual things to gain a better understanding of our purpose here. Meditate daily. Listen to the inner intuitive voice for guidance.
8. Sacred Vows (Vrata)
Follow vows faithfully whether they be marriage or vegetarianism, or any such vow. Pilgramage annually whether physically or mentally.   

9. Recitation (Japa)
Chant mantra daily to your chosen deity. Make it a special occasion by cleansing and purifying mind, body, and spirit. Let the mind be relaxed and in tune with spirit.   

10. Austerity (Tapas)
Practice sacrifice...physically and spiritually... Give up time and money to show devotion.

  I, in no way live every single one of these principles perfectly, but I do strive to, in spite of making many mistakes...I have grown to love Hinduism and all of it's many is a beautiful of tolerance and love...their are many sects within the Hindu faith, but most, if not all, Hindus believe that the majority of  spiritual paths lead to the same source...enlightenment. I personally adhere to Shaktism, devotion to the Divine Feminine, the Mother Goddess, most expressly Shri Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, but I also revere Durga, Kali, and Saraswati. I hope that maybe this helped a few to understand a little bit more about my Hindu path...

Jennifer Renee

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