Thursday, June 16, 2011

  I shall attempt to turn my thumb green! I have always wanted a green thumb and have often secretly envied those with green thumbs...I WANT to belong the exclusive Green Thumbers Club! I will do whatever I must to be initiated into that great sorority....Now let the planting begin!

   Although I am not officially in The Club as of yet...I am most fortunate to be friends with a few of the best Green Thumbers around, who have revealed a few um....secrets....It has been suggested to me from the Mother of all Green Thumbers to start with a Sunflower! And from another Green Thumber of noteworthy reputation that Lavender would also be a good for the sake of multi-taskers everywhere...I shall attempt to do both! 

Stay tuned DO NOT want to miss this!

Happy Planting,
Jennifer Renee

1 comment:

  1. Cannot wait to see the growth! I do not have a "green thumb" yet but I have grown a few things when I had a yard. I love planting and working in the yard. I know very little about growing various things, so excited to hear your progress so I can use it too!