Monday, June 20, 2011

Steps toward a Happier Life!

The 12 Keys to Happiness :)

1. Nurture your relationships. Devote time to family and friends.

2. Get comfortable expressing gratitude.

3. Carry no grudges. Forgive freely.

4. Be spontaneously helpful to others.

5. Cultivate optimism about the future.

6. Remember throughout your day and live as much as you can in the present moment.

7. Cherish life's joys.

8. Define and commit to life long goals.

9. Develop strong coping skills in the face of challenges: Focus on what is in your control,    take positive action, and let go of the rest.

10. Avoid comparisons with others and negative self-talk, whenever such thoughts arise catch yourself and say to yourself "I wish to perceive the situation differently".

11. Take care of the body through exercise.

12. Take care of the spirit through prayer, meditation, devotion, and love :)

(Shared from an Ayurvedic site I love)

Jennifer Renee

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