Tuesday, June 14, 2011



~The woman whom I loved is like that woman who caused
your heart to throb.
    She is so astonishingly beautiful that you might think
she was the handiwork of the gods.
    She was fashioned with the gentleness of the dove, the
evasiveness of serpents, the vanity of the peacock, and the 
cruelty of the wolf.
    She was modeled with the magnificent alabaster of the
 lily and the terrifying ebony of the night.
    Her body is a handful of ashes and a cupful of froth.
    I knew that woman in my childhood. I used to run with 
her across the fields and vineyards, and going through the
market I would grasp the fringes of her dress.
    I knew that woman during my youth. I would see the 
shadow of her face on the pages of books and in the verses
of the Scriptures.
    And I knew her during my middle-age. I exchanged
words and counsel with her and, sitting close to her, I
opened my heart and poured out my soul.
    To her I confided the problems of my heart and bared 
the secrets of my soul.
    My true love is called Life.
    Life is a woman of intoxicating beauty.
    She bewitches our hearts and seduces our souls.
    She consumes our consciences in her promises.
    And if she keeps them, she awakens boredom within
us. And if she lingers over them, she kills patience within
    Life is a woman who purifies herself in the tears of her
suitors and anoints her body with the blood of her victims.
    She clothes herself in the brightness of day, and her
garment is lined with the darkness of night.
    She falls in love with the heart of man in its early
 gleaming moments and forgets herself in marriage.
    Life is an enchantress, and her graces seduce us, but
anyone who knows her guile will flee her charms.~

Kahlil Gibran

     Sorry I have been gone for a while...we finally had our internet connected at the new house and I am so pleased to be back. Life has thrown us a few curve balls in this move, but we have prevailed:-) I am ready to start a new chapter here in beautiful Hawaii! So stay tuned folks...it's going to be a thrill ride;)

Jennifer Renee

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