Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Diamond Head....

     My family and I hiked the beautiful Diamond Head on Oahu this weekend (please google if you wish to know more of this incredible natural wonder) It was quite a challenge to accomplish...but after much huffing and puffing and many many stairs I made it to the top and was it ever worth it!!!

   Here are a few lovely photos looking down from the top...they cannot even do justice to the magnificent scene before me....it was truly breathtaking and rather humbling....Awwwww the Wonders of Nature!

     This very interesting flora called Lion's Main was to be found everywhere in the region! I had not seen this plant in any other area I have been to thus far on the island. It was quite lovely against the green of mountain side....I look forward to exploring many more of the natural wonderments of the Hawaiian Islands:-)

Jennifer Renee


  1. What beautiful photos! I did this hike a few years ago with my sister. It's truly an awesome experience. I'll never forget my time in Hawaii. I fell in love with the sea turtles there. The other place I found very spiritual was the Place of Refuge on Kona. Sigh, I'll get back there someday....

  2. Beautiful soul stirring pictures. I can imagine your joy upon reaching the top. There are places which can give us the unique feeling of being energized by some unknown forces and we just can express it with a big 'WOW', nothing else but a big 'WOW'.

  3. WOW!!! What a beautiful place!!!