Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Purpose of Life...


     Today is such a bittersweet day for me...My darling baby boy is getting married! Yes, this is so very sweet for me, but his father and I are unable to be back in the main states for the ceremony...yes this breaks my heart...but some things are out of our control and I must accept that and celebrate this beautiful event in spirit. I am just so very thankful to see him happy and in love...what greater blessing could a mother wish upon her child? He is my first born son, and my second child to  leave the nest to create one of his own. I am so proud of the young man that he is and the man that he has yet to become. 
     This has caused me to reflect upon the knowledge that Life is ever-changing and nothing tangible can ever stay the is part of the Universal Code of Life....but there is one thing that ever remains, although it is not tangible it is always there...always spite of our earthly human mind's ability to pretend that it does not exist...and that is the Soul...the Self...the Higher Self, I like to call it:-) In Sanskrit speak, that would be Atman (soul, breath, the self, the Supreme Soul). It is ever present and goes on and never is who we really are...we have just forgotten our true self. It gets lost in all the emotion and ego. 
     It is a comfort to me to know deep inside that the Divine dwells there...that the Divine Spark in all of us goes on and that the purpose of this life is to find our way back to 'knowing' again...connecting with it and finding bliss in that knowing. For some it may take more than just this lifetime to figure it all out, but for those who do, it is 'pure joy'...and that is the purpose of life to have joy...and that is what I celebrate today!!

Jennifer Renee


  1. How very wonderful! I am sorry you could not be there in person. And yes, everything changes. Sometimes it is heartbreakingly sad and other times bittersweet but oh! sometimes it brings so much happiness.
    I do resist change. I am thinking of getting an infinity symbol to remind me that it is normal and to quit resisting it.

  2. Tell your son congratulations from me!!!

    Even though it might seem as if you're far apart during this wonderful occasion I do believe with your heart that you can be right there by his side!!!

    Those photos are breathtaking!!!

    Much happiness to you all!!!