Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Elephant Song...

The Elephant Song

I listened to this earlier on a facebook page that I follow and it literally took my breath away and made me shiver to hear it....It is truly profound and touched me deeply......and could not have been recited by a more beautiful male British accent....I would like to share the words here as well...

Song for the Elephant

Great grey god,

The canyons on your back

Carry the dust and darkness of a lifetimes wandering.

Nomad child

Clay and sunlight

Earth and hope.

Your presence here sends me tumbling into the mystery,

I am carried by the endless brown sea

Of your eye

Into the story of my own birth,

And the song of death.

I would lay down this nomad's body with the great white bones

Of your ancestors and have my body turn to red earth

Under that mythical sun.

Not for me this long life of civilized death

For I am riding on your spreading back

Into a dawn of my own

And the rose dust sky is as wide as forever.

And for bearing me

I give you thanks

And whisper some of my own secrets into that silent cave

Where all pasts are remembered as echo songs

And all futures dissolve

Into a thick pounding wave of blood

Washing out from a heart

Of red dust and quiet starlight


Somehow a page turns
And beauty is revealed
The deep hands of love
Open their fingers
To free the dove that
Soars from the heart
Toward the infinite perfection
Of this simple life.
This simple life
Where miracle is the essence
Of every stitch in the tapestry of time and feeling.
The dance unfolds across worlds
Worlds upon worlds,
My feet tread the earth
My tears fall on the page
Love sweeps through me
And the waves takes all in its arms
Crushing, turning, soothing
Endless grace, lost and longed for
Nourishes the dry corners of forgetfulness
As the water rushes
Across the desert floor
And life awakens in every cell,
Frogs hear the call of their birth
And celebrate the rain
Flowers spring forth from doubt
And the whole vibrant, impossible
Infinite universe
Turns green in wonder
As my heart knows once again
the reason for my birth

The bear

Lie with me

And I will hold you

With the round, deliberate presence of a bear.

Bury your head in my fur

And I will rest my claws on your soft back

And when you listen to the sigh of my breath

And feel the rising and falling of my great chest

You will know what it is

To be held by the animal green

Of the world.

In total rest,

In warm blooded silence.

And those who saw your closed eyes

Could be forgiven for thinking you dead

With the peace soaked so deeply into you skin

But the smile upon your lips

And the light about your face

Tell the story of the earth

And that story

Is a story of life and wonder

That story is written on our bones

For us to read

Again and again

As we drop into the peace of the world

And the light of remembrance

Unfolds in hearts

Crafted from the dark, sweet soil

and sung into life

by the endless voice

Of the source of love.

Jennifer Renee

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