Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prayer to Divine Mother...

Divine Mother, be Thou the only flame shining on the altar of our hearts. Burn away any darkness that lurks there.
Divine Mother, be Thou the only fragrance rising with the incense of our love for Thee. Permeate any dark nook in the hearts also of those we love.
In our tears of love for Thee, wash away what attraction we feel for material objects. In our tears of communion with Thee, wash away all the sorrows of earth forevermore.
Divine Mother, unite our separate hearts into one, great love, wherein Thy omnipresence can rest forever and forever. Teach us to behold our latent perfection in the clear mirror of Thy divinity. Let the altar-flame of our love for Thee rise in triumph, shaming the little, hissing sparks of all earthly desires.
O Divine Mother, may our love be a shooting star racing gloriously through dark skies of forgetfulness, cutting its way through dark thunder-clouds of worldly preoccupation. 
Divine Mother, a million distractions have come to lure us away from thoughts of Thee. Thou Thyself, in order to test us, hast offered false, substitute fulfillments; pompous temple ceremonies to satisfy the ego needs of worldly people; religious organizations shouting, "Salvation can come only through serving this work!"; priests and ministers offering the Gospel, "God will bless you if you give us money!" O Mother, I have done with such outward shows in Thy name. I await Thee now in the inner temple of my love. 
Steal softly into this silent temple, Mother! With lambent flame banish the darkness of my long ignorance, and grant me safety in Thy ever-shining bliss.
Paramahansa Yogananda

I read this prayer written by Gurudev during this morning's japa and it touched me so deeply I wanted to share it with anyone, whose ears might be open to hear it today. It is just another testament to me that God can be found no where but within the confounds of the heart. We must look within to find that divine spark that rests in the soul of every human being and we must look at others and see the divine spark there that mirrors our own.
Om Shanti,


  1. truly lovely. copying that one down!

  2. Hi...and thank you for this beautiful prayer by Gurudev. Do you know where I can obtain a copy of the picture you have posted of Divine Mother? Thank you.