Tuesday, March 6, 2012

‎"You know that whenever you want something very much, no matter what you may be doing, no matter where you may happen to be, a constant mentally whispering desire for the object forcibly rotates in the background of your mind. This haunting real desire for anything, I call a mental whisper. The mind constantly whispers to itself what it wants. Such mental whisper bears no resemblance to parroted prayers; it is spontaneous and secretly works itself into a dynamic power.

An unceasing demand for anything, mentally whispered with unflinching zeal and unflagging courage and faith, develops into a dynamic power which so influences the entire behavior of conscious, subconscious and superconscious powers of man, that the desired object is gained. A mental whisper, to achieve its object, must be undaunted by reverses and unceasing in its inner performance; then it will materialize.

Unknowingly, you have practiced such mental whispering many times, and have obtained results in the fulfillment of your desires.

Do away with the mockery of mechanical, loud praying. Shake off the false satisfaction of believing ‘‘just something’’ about God. You must know God. You must know how to rouse Him consciously and tangibly and make Him answer your demands. Do not rest until you have heard His voice consciously.

You can ease your conscience by claiming that pressure of business prevents you from praying and meditating, but you can have no excuses for not offering Him deep mental whispers at any time, in the temple of activity or on the altar of silence. No matter what you may be doing, you are always free to whisper your love to God, until you consciously receive His response. This is the surest way to contact Him in the mad rush of present-day life.

To rouse God, to receive His response, you must offer Him your mental-whisper songs unceasingly. No matter what you are doing, offer deep, inward mental-whisper prayer-demands with any of the following thoughts:

A few mental whispers. Make them your own by meditating on their meaning before offering them to God:

(1 ) Father, reveal Thyself.

(2) Beloved Divine Mother, hide no more. Blast the wall of ignorance, and appear unto me in all Thy splendor.

(3) Divine Mother, lift the veil of darkness which hangs before me whenever I meditate on Thee with closed eyes.

(4) Divine Mother, show Thyself in the light of my flaming love for Thee.

(5) Divine Friend, with my little arms I want to clasp Thy Omnipresence. Come! I can wait no more. Come!

(6) Beloved Spirit, burst through the opaque firmament of my selfishness-clouded love and embrace me with Thy omnipresent light.

(7) I will burn the door of silence with the first of my ever-working dynamic inner whispers. O ever-burning Love, show Thyself in my flaming devotion.

(8) May the memory of Thy presence shine forever on the shrine of my whispering devotion. May my love for Thee burn secretly in the temple of Thy heart, and may I be able to awaken Thy love in all hearts.

(9) May Thy love burn forever on the altar of my heart, and may I be able to kindle love for Thee on all heart altars."

Paramahansa Yogananda

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