Monday, April 2, 2012

Cauterize the "Can'ts" in Your Brain...Yogananda


        A weak will is a mortal will. As soon as trials and failure cut it off, it loses its connection with the dynamo of the Infinite. But behind human will is the divine will that can never fail. Even death has no power to deter divine will. The Lord will definitely answer that prayer behind which the will force is continuous. Most people are mentally or physically lazy, or both. When they want to pray, they think instead of sleep, and when the head nods they dive into bed and that is the end of prayer. The will is buried. Mortal man's  brain is full of "can'ts." Being born in a family with certain characteristics and habits, he is influenced by these to think he can't do certain things; he can't walk much, he can't eat this, he can't stand that. Those "can'ts" have to be cauterized. You have within you the power to accomplish everything you want; that power lies in the will.

      Whoever would develop will power must have good company. If your desire is to become a great mathematician, and your customary associates all dislike mathematics, you will certainly be discouraged. But when you mix with accomplished mathematicians, your will is reinforced; you think, "If others can do it, I can do it."

     Don't immediately jump into big things in your eagerness to develop your will. To succeed, first try out your will on some little thing you thought you could not do. If you work hard at it, you can be successful. I remember all the goals my friends and many others told me I could never accomplish, but I did. Such "well-wishers" can do much harm. God save us from their kind! Company has the greatest influence on will. If instead of coming here, you went to a drinking party every Thursday, you could not help but pick up something of that worldly vibration. Your will is definitely inspired or weakened by your company. To develop will by yourself is extremely difficult. you require an example before you. If you would be an artist, surround yourself with good paintings and artists. If you would be a divine man, surround yourself with spiritual company.

      Belief and experience are quite different. A belief comes from what you have heard or read and accepted as fact, but experience is something you have actually perceived. The convictions of those who have experienced God cannot be shaken. If you had never tasted an orange, I could fool you about its characteristics; but if you had already eaten one, I could not deceive you. You would know; you would have had the experience of it.

Paramahansa Yogananda 
Man's Eternal Quest

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