Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sorry I have not posted in so long...I have been and am still here in North Carolina visiting my daughter, son-in-law and my precious granddaughter:) Life is so beautiful  and I am enjoying every moment of it! I am planning to share many pictures and personal experiences in the upcoming entries... I spent the second week of May in Indiana with my best gal pal Andi...Laughing up a storm and tromping through the woods communing with the spirits. What a truly marvelous time I had, connecting with a soul sister, who happens to be the most amazing Hedge Witch I know:) ...I even found a little time for meditating in the great outdoors. 

Here are my two soul sisters Andi and Amanda under my favorite tree....It seemed that every pic I took of this tree had little orbs just floating around ;) There is the most adorable little cemetery nestled to the left of it.

 Here I am wearing a lovely new lapis lazuli necklace I bought while on my visit to Indiana!

After visiting in Indiana for a week I flew onto North Carolina to see my beautiful family...Here is a pic of the Little Bear at the beach. I think she had a wonderful time digging in the sand and collecting rocks and shells with her Mims...I know her Mims sure did!

    I will be here in North Carolina for another two and half weeks and loving every second of it. Lots more fun pics to come! Love and light to all:)

Om Shanti,

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