Friday, June 1, 2012

Wisdom of Ma......

Be ever aware of the following:

What is called life-breath is really an aspect of an universal, all-pervasive power that functions continuously.

It is He in one of His forms; He who is Truth-Consciousness reveals Himself in this mode.

If with the help of a mantra received from the Guru, we can remain concentrated on the breath or at times when we have no mantra, we can simply keep on watching the movement of the breath - this will help to steady the mind and may also be an aid in our search for Him, who is the Life of our life, who is the Whole - the Eternal One.

The vision of the Eternal Play of the Supreme Being whose essence is Consciousness and Bliss is impossible unless we have seen His delight in His own universality and Self-sufficiency and find this joy repeated within us in union with and as part of the Whole. Until the senses have been mastered and passion transcended, how can we become identified with the Supreme Self?

The ever-moving breath changes its rhythm according to what we do, feel and think with the precision of a clock's pendulum, which works without a break, although it may at times go fast or slow. With a similar constancy, endeavour to concentrate on the breath; this will provide a check for the mind that will prevent it from wandering away to outer objects.

When a restless child is caught hold of, taken inside the house and given a toy, he will, for a short time at least, remain quiet and absorbed. In order to calm our restlessness it is necessary to keep but one single end in view. Divine thoughts and aspirations are the essence of satsang; to the degree that we foster these, the craving of the heart will be fulfilled and the mind stilled. With the help of your intelligence and individual capacity, try to unite the mind with the breath. Do you know what is the essential thing? To realise that the unbroken current of aspiration itself is a revelation of Him, who is the indivisible Whole.

~ Sri Anandamayi Ma

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