Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Fearless" Friday creation....

       I was in the shower this morning and had a bit of an epiphany or more of a 'light bulb' moment I suppose, and with that moment came creativity. I am not a person who shares much of herself personally with others. I even struggle letting those closest to me see into my inner depths. I'm not sure where this character trait developed  within me. Maybe when I was a child or a budding teen, maybe it was the result of unintentional hurtful actions and words of some of my most cherished loved ones throughout my younger years, that left wounds in my inner psyche that have never really healed but have festered over time, closing over at times and developing thin scar tissue, but breaking open again and again with just the right catalysts. 
     I have always heard that writing is therapy...so I am ready to put that to the test. This is where my creativity comes into play. I will be starting a special day each week that will be dedicated to divulging something about myself that I struggle to share with others. I am calling the day "Free Yourself" Friday....because more than just divulging information, I will be freeing myself of one thing each week that I struggle to share with others, much less myself, and after sharing this bit of unpleasant news about myself, I will then take it and give it over to the Divine and 'let it go'. This will not be an easy task for me...I may try to take it back from the Beloved many times for which I am sure to feel a gentle slap on the wrist for doing so:) A little pain, and sometimes a lot can be quite healing. I invoke the Blessings of Ganesh, the Beloved son of Shiva and great Lord of Success and Destroyer of Obstacles!

Om Gam!

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