Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alphabet Mantra

Alphabet Mantra

Like the all in the oneness,
Like the branch and the vine
Like the call and the answer
Like the drink and the wine

Like the earth and the heavens
Like the forest and trees
Like the gate and the pathway
Like the hawk and the breeze
Like the iris and petals
Like the jewel and the mine
Like the known and the knowing
Like the laugh and the line

Like moonlight and darkness
Like nowhere and near
Like the oak and the acorn
Like pain and the tear
Like the quest and the seeker
Like rain and the flower
Like the sea and the islands
Like time and the hour

Like union and yearning
Like the vision and view
Like waves and the water
So I am to you.

So I am to you, Love
And you are to me
We dwell in each other
Like salt in the sea.

O alleluia, o alleluia
O alleluia, o alleluia.

©2001 Jan Phillips

An old friend made this video a while back and I listen to it now and again...It is a beautiful song and the imagery just adds to the beauty. We are all interconnected. Isn't that amazing to ponder?....Enjoy!

Jai Ma!

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