Saturday, March 23, 2013

Child's Play

Child's Play

Ascending into Heaven’s arms
Shadows bend and darkness never harms
The void, where nothingness is bliss
Dominate mind ceases to exist

Riding upon the primordial planes
Silence constrains and awareness reigns
Rebirth of the transcendent soul
No longer under ego’s control

Dissolving into supernal happiness
No sin to confess, no law to transgress
Comfort in this skin, nothing to adjust
Surrendering Self to absolute trust

Absorbing love in recesses of heart
The place where passion starts and will depart
Submit will, give entirety of existence away
Bliss is found in child’s play

Jennifer Adams Teasley ©2013


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Jay! I see you are Christian mystic? Mystics have come out of most all religions:)If only most religious peoples could be so open to the Divine.

  2. Oh Nirvani! Pure, unadulterated Bliss.