Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Name of God-Anandamayi Ma

"God’s name is He Himself – the Name and the Named are identical. Refuge has to be sought in His Name in order to realize Him Whose Name is invoked. At every breath try to be in communion with Him through His Name. If the Name that appeals most to you is constantly repeated, you will realize that all names are His Names, all forms are His forms. Since all names are His indeed, He will let Himself be grasped by any one of them; furthermore, it will gradually be revealed that He is also without name and without form."

~Anandamayi Ma

I just love this quote from Ma..."he will let Himself be grasped by any one of them..." What you choose to call God...Whether it be Shiva, Durga, or Jesus Christ....if you call upon that Name every day...God will be revealed to you, for all forms are His forms. The manifest God is in reality the unmanifest God, without name and without form.

Jai Maa,

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