Saturday, May 30, 2015

Path of a Modern Tantrika

Path of a Modern Tantrika
  • Cultivating permanent inner silence through deep meditation. 
  • Opening the subtle nerves through pranayama (breath control). 
  • Stimulating divine energy through advanced physical postures and maneuvers. 
  • Cultivating divine desire and conduct. 
  • Cultivating sexual energy to a new purpose. 
  • Cultivating silent inner awareness outward in powerful ways.

So much has occurred since moving to Virginia. It has been quite a ride to say the least. I have ventured down many a spiritual path, looking for what speaks to soul. A spiritual teacher once told me, "Nirvani, you are a spiritual seeker, not a pilgrim." This cut me deeply, it revealed to me much that I had struggled to face in myself. I am always seeking, but too afraid to embrace. So after many hours, weeks, and months of research and soul search, I eventually came back to that which spoke to me from the beginning. Tantra.

I will be sharing my practices and experiences here with you. Above is a sort of spiritual mission statement for my life. Tantra really is more of a spiritual technology that can be adapted to any spiritual path. I refer to myself as a Tantrika as I am a practitioner of Tantra and a devotee of Shakti. The Tantric tradition embodies everything in the Universe as Sacred, as Pure Consciousness. The material cannot be ignored. The physical and the spiritual are connected in all ways. I hope to share even a little bit of wisdom here to help inspire others to seek spiritual well being. 

Om Shanti and Jai Maa!

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