Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adventures in Paradise...

   We are now staying in Waikiki until Saturday, due to our hotel in Pearl Harbor being booked. We decided it would be a nice adventure to stay downtown in a high rise hotel for several days just to have the full experience. This the view from our hotel the Pacific Beach Hotel...

   The beach is literally just a block away...We are up on the 27th floor and have quite the view! Everyone should experience Hawaii or a tropical paradise at least once in their life...I could just sit forever and stare at the clear blue ocean reaching up to the sky for miles!

     Yesterday I was up before the crack of dawn and took an early morning jog on the boardwalk...It was already bustling with sunkissed vacationers toting shopping bags and surf boards. I just breezed passed them with my headphones in and oblivious to anything but my own little world...When I workout I tend to get in the zone...my own form of meditation I guess.

     Later on in the day Bekah and I went to lunch on the strip at The Cheesecake Factory...Lots of good eats and of course I just had to have my Mai Tai! The appetizers alone left me with a serious mouthgasm!

        Oh I mustn't forget to mention my fantastic breakfast in the morning of the most superb strawberry shortcake I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! I admit I am a bit of a hedonist and cannot have too much of a good thing;-)

     I am sure I will lots more to share this week on my adventures in Waikiki!

Jennifer Renee

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