Thursday, May 26, 2011

Facebook Rehab....

    So today starts my first day in Facebook Rehab...I have officially deactivated my page...Take slow even*looks around* I'm okay...I really am:-) Alright I'm feeling a little anxiety, but that was to be expected...but I'm still okay. So I have a little problem you see. I have become rather addicted to a social networking site that goes by the name of facebook....ever heard of it? Well, if by chance you are one of the few left on planet earth who hasn't, my suggestion...Run like the dickens away from it! All kidding aside...I can honestly say that in the last two years my facebook life has all but replaced my real life. It is the first place I go in the morning and the last place I visit before bed, not to mention all the visits in between.
    I guess the first step in any rehab program is acknowledging that you have a I admit it and have decided to go cold turkey...for a time that is until I can regain back some badly needed independence and self control. I eat, breath, and think balance and this had become way to unhealthy...So I will take the time I need to overcome *coughs* my addiction.
     This does not mean that I will give up social networking altogether...believe it or not, I have made some of the best friends a girl can have via facebook and I love them all too much to abandon them entirely. Facebook has been a home away from home for me and I couldn't see my life entirely facebook free, but I refuse to return until I have gained back...well life! I know my husband and children will certainly appreciate it:P So until that day comes I shall remain facebook free...*rubbing under the collar* Is it a little warm in here??

Jennifer Renee

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  1. Hi Jenn!

    I'm so proud of you! Having "grounded" myself from facebook I was expecting some kind of anxiety and much to my surprise, I got a sense of relief instead. I'll be dropping in daily to see what you're up to (and it better not be nothing but blogging). Love you!