Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life begins after 40....

   This blog post was inspired by another blog written by a 40 year old woman that I really admire. While I was out for my morning power walk I got to thinking about how my life has changed since entering my 40s and I thought I might sharing my thoughts with you all...of course, like with anything in life, there are definite pros and cons....but we will start with the cons just to get them out of the way and move on to much better things ;)


1. More unexplained body aches for sure! Especially back pain in my case...I have to exercise daily and do yoga to keep my back strong, which in turn keeps the pain at bay. Of course if I go more than a couple days without exercising the pain returns...so not exercising is NOT an option!

2. More Wrinkles...Ugh! I wish I had paid closer attention to this one in my thirties...now I am doing damage control.... Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Plain and simple... and use plenty of sunblock.

3. Did I say more body aches and wrinkles?? Okay so let's move on to the pros!


1. 40 is like the new 30.....the average lifespan has just about doubled from 200 years ago:P Besides, age is only a number right?

2. I still remember how to handwrite a letter and can actually spell with correct grammar and punctuation, without having to use a computer spell check.

3.I am much wiser than I was in my 20s and 30s. I have learned that saying 'no' is okay and actually do it without feeling guilty;-)

4. I don't have to focus on my biological clock anymore...even though it is still ringing, just not as loudly...gives me some satisfaction knowing that woman are still having babies at my age... Nicole Kidman and Halle Barry case in point...but I am enjoying grandparenthood. The satisfaction in that is knowing that I can always give the baby back:-)

5. Less drama follows me around like it used to...I gravitate toward more enriching drama-free friendships and it brings a greater sense of peace and balance into my life...Actually I have learned to run from Drama like it is the plague. I am also able to distinguish the good from the bad...I now have a bullsh*t radar and it works!

6. I am able to afford just about anything that my little old heart desires...but the beauty is, my desires for material things has vastly diminished, being replaced with a greater desire for more enriching things for the body and soul.

7. I am much more teachable than I used to be....I can actually take constructive criticism as just that....constructive. I value good advice and recognize it as such.

8. I have more time to invest in my interests and hobbies. I can spend as much time as I want reading a good book or exercising...so I have no excuse for not doing both daily:-)

9. I am having better sex than I could ever have imagined in my 20s and 30s....I have a lot less hang ups about morality and sex than I did back then and I am more in touch with my own body, which makes for much more pleasurable uninhibited sex.

10. Last but not least....Whenever I start to feel like I will never get fit or have the body I desire, all I have to do is look in my favorite fitness magazine Oxygen and see a pick of one of my favorite idols Tosca Reno, who is now 51 years old and has the body of a Goddess. That extreme optimism that I possess, developed in my 40s mind you, comes back stronger than ever, and I realize that nothing is impossible!!

  Well there it is folks! What it boils down to is....I LOVE BEING IN MY 40s!!! Life is more exciting and enriching than ever before....and I don't expect to slow down anytime soon.... bring on the 50s....well not quite yet, I'm having too much fun in my 40s;)

Jennifer Renee

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  1. that is wonderfully put. I agree and feel the same way at 42.