Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

     Today is Mother's Day...a day in which all mothers are recognized and honored for raising children...although not all  women are blessed with the privilege of giving birth...many are mothers none the less, just by what they do in this world to impact the lives of children. I have known some extraordinary women, who have come into my life and left a footprint that was imprinted deeply on my heart. These women helped influence the woman that I am today just by their own simple examples of womanhood.
    I would just like to thank the many women who have loved me throughout my life from childhood to adulthood...the friend, the mentor, the sister.....You are heroes not just today, but everyday!

Here are some pics of a few women that have touched my life and forever changed it for good:
Debi Ramsey Whiting and Jill Conforti.....thank you so much for helping me to understand my self worth through the difficult teenage are amazing women and I love you both dearly!

  I also must would like to pay tribute to my own mother Linda Adams....who is one of my very best friends! She has been through much in her life, including losing my dad at the tender young age of 49...Mama I love you! You are my hero!

    And although today is meant to honor mothers...I must pay tribute to my dear children...Without them my life would not be complete....I love you Jarred, Bekah, Lauren, and Benjamin!

    Last but not least I must thank the love of my life Chad for blessing my life with his love and devotion and helping me to raise these fine young men and women! I love you baby!

     To all you other mother's out there.....Happy Mother's Day!!!

Jennifer Renee

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