Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Personal Tarot Reading....

  My dear friend Chloe gave me a Tarot reading this morning...such inspiration! Providential indeed!

Today is a day of contemplation, of looking within and of connecting with inner knowledge. Be true to yourself today. Be honest and kind to yourself also. Taking a few minutes to listen to your hearts desires, this will stand you in good stead for the rest of the week. Try and withdraw and detach from any dramas which are going on in your life today. Ask Archangel Metatron to give you the courage and direction you need to move forward.

Don’t hold on too tight to how things ‘should’ be and what you ‘should’ be doing, this type of energy will pull you down. Concentrate more on what it is you need to keep you creative, inspired and motivated. One step at a time, look at what you can do to make the changes needed to bring love and happiness in abundance.

Remember to be truly happy and loved always starts with you. Partners, jobs, holidays and material things are a reflection of your own true happiness; do not look to them to bring happiness look to yourself. Just for today think about what you can do for you, what steps you can take today, to have the feelings of love and joy in your heart?

Om Shanti,
Jennifer Renee

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