Friday, May 13, 2011

Finding my Goddess....

Last summer when I started my Spiritual quest to find a path that would reach deep into my soul, I was pretty convinced that it would be of the witchcraft variety. As I read and read and read some more....and meditated and pondered and contemplated and eventually tried to force something magical to happen, all I managed to do was overwhelm myself and cloud my mind with all kinds of doubts... so I stepped back from that whole spiritual concept all together.
   Somewhere within that time period I discovered Taoism and Buddhism and began to explore Eastern philosophies and I started to feel that spiritual spark again and it felt good and right...eventually I steered toward Hinduism, more specifically Shaktism (Goddess worship). The funny thing was it kind of found me. Well, lets just say that she found Goddess! All those months that I could just not wrap my mind around the concept of Goddess to save my life! I saw a picture of her online and started to read about her and it was like pure magic!! It was like I had come home...I kid you not! It actually made me cry...I love everything about her...Maha Lakshmi. She is everything that is beautiful and good and right in Godliness. She is one aspect of the Divine Mother. She is sweetness and harmony and beauty! She brings profound happiness where ever she is an intoxicating bliss. When I perform japa (mantra) to her in devotion, every time I come away feeling the most rapturous feelings of intense joy. I have no doubt that she is with me and hears my prayers.

    I was told that we often bind ourselves to the Devi that we most identify with...since the ultimate desire and goal is to see Devi (Goddess) within ourselves. I know that she is all that I wish to aspire to. That I might strive in my personal life to live by the qualities that she holds dear to her is the greatest desire of my heart... It pains me greatly when I feel that I have fallen short of that, and I do so very often. I am so grateful every day when I gaze upon her image and come to her in meditation and devotion and feel her Divine presence in my little sacred space called home. I finally feel that I have found the spiritual path that will continue to lead me to enlightenment over and over again... and it is through my Divine Mother Lakshmi... who will always be a Mother, a Friend, and a Sister to me... 

Om Mahalakshmi, Cha Vidmahe
Vishnu Patnyai, Cha Dhimahi
Tanno Lakshmihi Prachodayat

Jennifer Renee


  1. so happy to see a light of devotion (Bhakti) in your heart. Many of your above feelings are same as I have. The great mata Shri is THE QUEEN of all that exist. Together with her husband (Narayan) they form all reality.

    Keep going on with sincere devotion for the divine couple.

    Jay MahaLakshmi

  2. So sorry I am just now seeing this Mukund...thank you so much for your lovely words! Om Shanti!