Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Man...

     I cannot even begin to tell you how this incredible video has touched me deeply and stirred my soul like nothing else in sometime...I am so moved by the message that these incredible feminine voices conveyed... This is what it means, for me, to be called Goddess....Yes...I am in love with MAN! We are on this earth to be their partners and equals, but just as they have a roll to play for humanity, so do we as the feminine creatures that we are. We have short changed ourselves as women throughout the decades by not believing enough in ourselves and laying blame for that at man's feet...I am proud to be a Goddess and I take personal responsibility for myself, as a mother, wife, lover, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend....

Jennifer Renee


  1. Thank you for sharing this nice video!

    I feel I am no better than my wife and that she's no better than me, I believe, we are all . . . one family.