Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Reminders....

~When you are calm and at peace within, you love everyone and feel friendly toward all.!
Paramahamsa Yogananda

     Today my heart is full...Everything is bringing me to tears...not tears of sadness, but of joy...of bliss....I just love these days...when I can especially see things more if the Universe has seen fit to open a  portal directly to my heart and is connecting me with the Divine Mother...I feel this overwhelming unconditional love for everything and everyone within my scope...
    I have been reading a book by Eknath Easwaran called Take Your Time: How to Find Patience, Peace and Meaning...He talks of living in the present. Not just living in the present, living each moment fully, giving our full attention to whatever we may be engaged in at present. Focusing our thoughts on one thing at a time and giving complete attention to it. So I have been thinking about this quite a bit and am working diligently on trying to put this into practice in my day to day is not an easy thing to do and takes much time and consistent focus. 
   This morning during my daily japa and meditation I got to thinking about how important it is to give my full attention to my husband and children when they need it most from me...I tend to listen to them half-heartedly a good deal of the time because my thoughts are elsewhere. So this morning when my sweet little granddaughter wanted to sit on my lap while I was busy on the computer, I just stopped doing what I was doing and gave my full undivided attention to her, and she just snuggled up to me...and you know what? It just warmed my heart and made me feel the most incredible peace and happiness inside my soul...
     I am very grateful for the little day to day gifts that the Divine Mother gives me as a reminder to how precious life is and how very blessed I am...It can be that gentle sweet kiss from my sweetheart, a tender hug from my granddaughter, a beautiful melody that I happen upon, or the caressing touch of a soft breeze on my face that invokes such a deep feeling of bliss is these wonderful little gifts that act as reminders to the Divinity that each of us carries within us....just for today...I would urge each of you to stop for just a moment and take a deep breath and just in the moment...and might just be surprised that the Divine Mother has a little reminder for you too:-)

OM Shanti,
Jennifer Renee


  1. Namaste Jennifer,
    Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Thank you for this! Lately I have been beating myself up a little but really, I have nothing to be worried about. I have it really good, you know? The Lord has blessed me with so much and I really need to appreciate that... thanks for reminding me. :)

  2. Breathing, and listening along with you.

  3. This is beautiful, besides the fact that it's a wonderful reminder in how important it is to take time out and listen to another. Thank you!