Monday, June 6, 2011

A New Home...

   We are finally moved into the new house at McGrew Point...Here are a few pics of the house as a blank canvas....Now let me work my magic and turn this into a little piece of Heaven on Earth!

    I happened to have my camera handy at the very moment I little visitor popped his head up to make his presence known...This is an Indian Mongoose...they were brought over to the Hawaiin Islands to help control the rat population...well...they got more than they bargained for...there are now no known predators to keep the mongoose population down and they run amok of the island...He is a cute little critter...isn't he?...although he is digging his way around my backyard...we will all have to find a way to get along;) I think I shall call my new little friend Rikki Tikki:-)

Jennifer Renee


  1. He is very cute. Many blessing for you and yours and where you dwell.

  2. So you have read the Jungle Books too !! Lol ... Reminds me of my wonderful childhood ..sigh !