Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nature's Goodness....

~You can't be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet.~
Hal Borland

~Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars... and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful.  Everything is simply happy.  Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance.  Look at the flowers - for no reason.  It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are.~

~Man's heart away from nature becomes hard.~
Standing Bear

Jennifer Renee


  1. I love what was written and these photos are wonderful to look at!

    Thank you!

  2. Beautiful. Thanks so much for showing us a piece of your world. :-)