Monday, July 18, 2011

A wondrous morning....

      This morning I took my lap top and my coffee out to the back patio to sit and enjoy some delightful sunshine and deliciously cool breezes. The temperature could not have been more perfect...I ended up sitting out there for three hours just soaking it all up as I browsed the internet, took photos and just lay back and enjoyed the feel of the breezes touching my skin...I put on some violin concertos and to my complete astonishment the birds up in the trees began to chirp extra loudly as if they had caught the spirit of the melody and were adding melodies of their own. It just thrilled me to my fingertips to witness this little wonder....I have no doubt that Mother Nature herself made me privy to this little miracle....

     I was able to catch a few of my new feathered friends amongst the trees.... 

   I can guarantee that this is where I will be spending most mornings from here on out...It does my soul good to connect with the Great Mother and feel the energies of life flowing all around me...and maybe I will be so fortunate to be visited by her messengers of harmony once again ;) 

Jennifer Renee


  1. what a beautiful morning.
    i love how you enjoy every moment.

  2. Isn't wonderful how nature will just creep up on you and give you such great joy. And what a lovely view you have to enjoy to! Blessings