Sunday, September 25, 2011

Make it True

What you tell yourself most frequently, you will believe.
What you truly believe, you will incorporate into every aspect of your life.

It doesn't matter if it is objectively true or not.
What you continue to tell yourself, day after day, 
becomes true for you and has a profound effect on your life.

Great power lives in the fact that you can choose what to tell yourself,
again and again, in the thousand of moments that make up each day.
With focus and attention, you can upgrade your beliefs about yourself.

You can upgrade your beliefs about what is possible for you.
And by so doing, you will in fact expand your access
to the very best of your possibilities.

You'll go precisely as far as you believe you will go.
So there's every reason to believe the very best.

With what you tell yourself, choose to sell yourself,
again and again, on your best possibilities.
For when you consistently believe something to be true in your life,
You will indeed make it true.

~Ralph Marston~


  1. This is so very true!

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