Monday, November 21, 2011

Travelling Abroad....

    Sorry I have not posted in some time...I recently returned from a three week adventure to the United Kingdom...It was truly an amazing experience for me...This was my first time venturing so far from home unaccompanied... It was a bit scary and unsettling at times, but I came away feeling quite accomplished and proud of myself....I met several people I have conversed with for some time via facebook, who have come to be very dear friends to me...From fast-paced lively historic London to the magical land of Glastonbury and Cornwall, I am forever changed by this marvelous opportunity I have had to travel far and see a part of the world that many of my ancestors hail from... 

~Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.~ Seneca

Glastonbury Tor

The Tor

Glastonbury England

    Here are just a few pictures I took of Glastonbury England...the occult capital of the world...hehehe....faeries abound in this magical place....I believe I caught a glimpse of one or two;) I will be back to share some more lovely photos once I transfer them over to my desk top computer... I truly loved my trip abroad, but there is just no place like home...It was so good to get back to my dear husband and kids...this will tie me over for a while...well at least until my feet begin to itch again for another wild adventure...who knows where they will take me:-)

Jennifer Renee


  1. you lucky duck!!! i wish i could go to these places, i love it!!!