Friday, February 10, 2012

Is it not marvelous that love and bliss can spread like wildfire when the soul catches fire…it consumes everything around it…there is nothing not changed…

I apologize for not posting as regularly as I should...I am going to be sharing so much more with you very soon..I have decided to start attending the Krishna Temple here in Honolulu and I am very excited! I will be sharing many wonderful adventures on my beautiful path to enlightenment....May the Beloved bless me on my journeys...and may you also be blessed!

Om Shanti,


  1. Hello,

    This is indeed a most wonderful blog. I've also visited your Follow My Bliss blog, also wonderful. Just curious to know how and when you became a follower of Krishna / Hinduism?

    Thank you,
    Tiger Singh.

    1. Hello Tiger...I'm glad that you enjoy my blogs:) This one tends to be more on the serious spiritual side and my Bliss blog shows my more playful am also an amateur photographer...frankly I take my camera everywhere I go and have a great passion for taking pictures:)

      My story is a big complicated and believe me my journey into Sanatana Dharma is a constantly evolving one..but are we not all always changing;) I left Christianity just over two years ago and found the path of Hinduism and fell deeply in love with it...I have never been happier. I think this is so because through Hindu ritual and daily practice I have learned to let go of attachments. I do not solely follow Krishna. I believe all Hindu Gods/Goddesses are representative of the One Source Brahman. I love the Gita and the Upanishads! I want to learn all that I can. I am studying Kriya yoga right now, but I am very interested in the Tantras. I suppose it is the Aquarius in me...that is always wanting to learn more:)

      Love and Light to you,

    2. Hello Again Nirvani Bliss,

      Many thanks for your prompt reply! :) Yes I found your blogs today and enjoyed them very much and I had to write and ask you the question that I did. Interestingly I'm an Aquarius too, only just though since my birthday is on Feb 18th. Are you learning Kriya Yoga through the Permahansa Yogananda, the Self Realization Fellowship in California? I'm just amazed that you know so much about Hinduism and so wonderful to know that you understand the concept of Gods/Godesses in the ONE Source, and the fact that you know Hinduism by it's true name, Sanatana Dharma. I see that you live in Hawaaii, isn't there a famous temple there on the island of Kaui? Have you visited it? I would like to visit that temple one day.

      Thank you and Namaste
      Tiger Singh. :)

  2. Hello Tiger:)

    Oh wonderful you are an Aquarius...I have a great passion for astrology and study it on the side, just another of my many interests. I want to learn more about jyotish/vedic astrology...I only know about western will have to share with me your birth information so I might look at your birth chart...if you you wish to of course...hehehe...sorry I tend to be a bit forward:)
    Yes I am learning Kriya through Yogananda! As I do not presently have a guru, Paramahansa has been just that for me...the very first time I laid eyes on him and read a prayer of his I found online I felt a deep love for him...really truly...everything I have ever read from him has touched me in a very deep way...I am taking the courses through home study and plan to attend the retreat in California to become initiated.
    You say that you are amazed by my knowing so much...Tiger I will tell you I believe that I must have some past connection to Hinduism from a previous life. When I found it, it was like coming home for me. May I ask if you are a born Hindu and where you are from?
    I believe there is a famous temple in the islands...I live on Oahu, but plan to fly over there and I will certainly go and see it:)I will be sure to get many pictures..and maybe you will be able to come see it yourself as well:) I have really enjoyed our exchange:)

    Om Shanti,

    1. Good Evening Nirvani,

      How are you? Yes I'm also enjoying our correspondence, thank you. :) Yes I was born a Hindu, my parents are Indian and we're from the UK and I'm residing in the US. My parents are still there and visit me often. I too have that course you're taking through the Self Realization Fellowship. Unfortunately I've not been able to follow it consistently. I start and then for one reason or another stop, and I know that once you're initiated you'll be able to commune with God. I also have dreams of going to the Ashram in California one day even just for a visit. I understand it's very nice there. Why do you wish to learn Indian Astrology? Does it not produce the same results? I thought they did and were just different methods? Oh by the way here's the website for that temple,

      Kind regards and Namaste,
      Tiger. :)

  3. Good Evening Tiger...or would that be goodnight:)

    I'm doing wonderful thank you:) When I clicked on your name I saw that you are piloting...that is fantastic! I hope you don't mind my following your blog:)I just recently did a trip to the UK where I spent a month...It was my first trip abroad all by myself...I fell in love with England! Where exactly are you from there?
    The Kriya yoga is quite a commitment...I am at a place in my life where I can invest all the time I need in meditation so I am determined to stick with it. I was actually planning a trip to India in January with a friend, but I think I will stick closer to home and plan to attend a meditation retreat in the main states instead:) I was just in California a few days ago, I just did not have the time to go see the Mt. Washington temple...There is a Shiva Temple here I plan to attend...I have decided to not become a regular at the ISCKON temple...I will be happy to tell you privately why that is...
    I found Indian astrology and western astrology to be quite different. Western Astrology has me as an Aquarius and Indian Astrology has me as a Capricorn. And the interpretation is vastly different...I am in the process of having my birth chart read by a very good astrologer...I had one done electronically, but want a more personal version. It was quite eye-opening for me on what was does explain much about my characteristics for sure.
    Thank you for the site link...I actually had looked at it before a few times with the intent to visit there when I get over that way...I would love to discuss some things with you Tiger about Hinduism...especially knowing you are of Indian decent and Hindu all your life...I have a million and one questions for you...hehehe....I know you must be very busy so will try not to overwhelm you too much:) I hope you have a beautiful night!

    Love and Light,

    1. Hello Again Nirvani (Yes that would have been goodnight, and now it's good morning! :)).

      You know, now that you mention it, you're correct about Indian and Western Astrology. I had forgotten that according to Indian Astrology I'm a Cancer, but an Aquarius by Western Astrology. I mainly refer to the Western so that's why I forgot.

      Yes, I'm learning to be a private pilot and blogging about it just for the record and to have the experience of blogging. Also to get advice and guidance from others on who are qualified or on a similar journey.

      It's really good to hear that you're able to dedicate yourself to Kriya Yoga and I'm very sure that you will be very richly rewarded for it. As I mentioned, hopefully I'll be at that stage where I too am able to do the same, because I really want to make contact with God, and with my true self and the union of the two.

      Yes I would like to know your opinion about ISKCON. I don't know too much about it other than it's origins and what happened after the death of the founder. I'm not sure what you would like to ask me about Hinduism, but I will do my best to answer your questions. :)

      Kind Regards and Namaste

  4. Good Day Tiger!

    I was reading your blog...sounds like quite an adventure you are on:) And I must say you are a very good should keep blogging...I keep several blogs myself, I love to share things that inspire me, but probably need to do a lot more of my own writing...I write as I feel inspired to do so.
    I do love meditation and have had some amazingly blissful experiences doing so. I also practice daily japa...I love takes me to a much deep state of meditation, if chant consistently for a length of time before meditation it can be very powerful for me. I just wish those moments could last and were not so fleeting, but I suppose that is what continues to bring me back to lotus pose time and time again;)
    Tiger, I can't say that I have a huge problem with ISKCON, I just do not believe in their philosophy of the One Source...and as much as I love Krishna I do not believe him to be a higher God than say Vishnu or Brahma or Shiva or Lakshmi. I do practice sadhana to different Gods/Goddesses as I feel inspired. I am at this time working with Ganesh to help me overcome many obstacles.
    The reason I am interested to talk to you about Hinduism is that as a westerner and a white woman it is not easy to find a place within the Hindu/Indian community. I have heard negative stories on line and it made me a bit fearful of attending the Shiva temple, because I am afraid of rejection. But I suppose I have every right to be there as anyone and need to just face my fears. I would love to know your opinion:)

    Warm Regards to you,

  5. Good Afternoon Nirvani,

    How are you today? :) Thank you for your kind comments regarding my blog. Yes I do enjoy writing and going back to see how I have progressed from day one. I'm still considering if I should start another but what would it be on? It took me a long time to come up with the current one heheh.

    It's great that you meditate and japa also. They're both very calming and soothing by the time you finish not to mention enlightening. I think you'll find that those fleeting moments will begin to last longer as time progresses, especially when you begin your Kriya Yoga. You'll be in a costant state of bliss, and happiness and truly appreciate creation as you'll see that you and it are one.

    Regarding ISKCON, I agree that they're focused on Krishna alone, but Hinduims teaches that there's only on God and all other so called gods are mere manifestations of the one Bhraman. Many Hindus go knowing this and are not affected by the fact that the ISKCON members focus mainly on Krishna. Many Hindu temples have Krishna also, and since Hinduism is or can be a very personal religion, it allows you the freedom to see and know God for yourself. It's not dictotorial or autocratic with laws such as, "Thou shalt....." Or "Thou shalt not....". Yes there are rules and regulations in performing ceremonies and things like that and the priest will tell you how to perfom those, but all in all it's more of a "live and let live" type of religion.

    Yes, I have heard of such stories regarding visitors to temples but as with all people Nirvani, these are the negative, racist types of people who if they were truly practicing religion, would welcome you with open arms. I would not be put off or discouraged to go if I were you. Ignore the people who might give you certain looks and please also remember that Indians, especially those from the mainland have a habit of staring. It's not meant to be offensive it's just curiosity. When they see you're a regular visitor they will see that you're serious and not a tourist come to see what goes on in a temple. So I would encourage you to go and keep going. And if you still feel uncomfortable, it's not required in Hinduism that you must go to temple. Hence the many alters in Hindu homes. If God is omnipresent, then why do I need to go anywhere? :) He is always with you, right? Finally, I do know that you perhaps do not only want to go to worship, but to talk to people, preists etc to gain further knowledge, so then this brings me back to my original point, keep going :D.

    Thank you and Namaste,

  6. Hello Tiger!

    Oh you really should continue to blog...perhaps a more personal blog with your interests and opinions. This blog for me started out more personal and life events but has gone more the way of my spiritual journey. I do have a lot of fun on Tumblr and have a fairly good size following over there. I also do a bit on facebook. I am a voracious reader so constantly am reading online or my nose in a book:) You should definitely keep writing!
    Thank you so much for your words about attending the temple and have no idea how much that helps to hear. It is hard to always be alone on the spiritual path and would be so nice to make like-minded friends. I love to talk and discuss things and have mostly done that online. I would love to stay in touch with you. Would you mind if we email corresponded? I hope that is not too forward of me:) If you would like my email is

    Blessings to you,