Saturday, June 9, 2012

My New Meditation Room...

   I recently highjacked a big walk-in closet in our upstairs hallway that was being used to store holiday decorations and such, and turned it into my new meditation room. I had a corner of my bedroom used for this purpose but felt like I still lacked the privacy that I desired. I will eventually turn my son's bedroom into my sacred space when he leaves home next year, but in the meantime this will do just is quite cozy and inviting and I can shut myself off when I wish to meditate and perform my devotions. There are many more things I would like to add to it so it is a work in progress. The closet is quite large as you cannot see the other end of it where I am keeping my crystals and tarot cards and such. It is my own personal little sacred space where I can escape the outside world and go within:)

      While visiting my girlfriend Bellia in Indiana in early May we went to lunch at a nice little Indian restaurant. We were the only customers there at the time. The food was superb! When we walked into the restaurant I noticed these gorgeous paintings of scenes of Indian people done in brilliant colors on black velvet and was raving about them to my friend. After paying our bill I happened to mention to the host that I really loved the paintings and would love to know where I could purchase them. He called his manager out and they proceeded to speak together in Hindi...The next thing I know the manager has another young man take down the two paintings that were my favorite and gives them to me...I about burst into tears! It was such a beautiful and giving gesture I was overwhelmed. I now have them hung on the wall in my meditation room, but plan to have them beautifully custom framed. This man's gift touched me deeply. Upon leaving the restaurant I secretly asked for Shiva's blessings to be upon this sweet man and his family and business:)

The pictures cannot due justice to the amazingly vivid colors of these beautiful paintings and they are quite large as well. I chose the bottom painting because I thought it was so lovely the way the couple are weaving a bed together. I plan to hang this over my own bed and with the loving way in which it came into my possession I feel it will bring good luck and blessings into my own marriage.

Aum Namah Shivaya,


  1. Awesome !!

    Reading about your new meditation room/altar was just the beginning ... absolutely loved the 2nd part of your post about the paintings !

    They look so beautiful indeed !

    God Bless!

  2. The meditation room looks very divine and serene. God bless you.