Monday, June 11, 2012

True Spirituality...

"True spirituality is the quest for our true nature in pure consciousness, which is real Self-knowledge and Self-realization, not simply about achieving balance within the field of the personal self and its social urges. True Self-knowledge is something much more than any psychological knowledge; it is a universal and cosmic awareness, not just a knowledge of emotion, sexuality or our personal traumas....
      Our true Self is not the psychological self or ego that is to be discarded for it to shine forth. Our true Self is not the personal identity of this particular incarnation. It is not the self-formation of emotion or product of our personal likes and dislikes. It is not our mental or intellectual identity through the opinions, beliefs and predilections of our thought processes. It is not even our human self but our eternal soul that unites us to all beings and all worlds."

Dr. David Frawley, Inner Tantric Yoga

I am reading Dr. Frawley's book right now and thought it worth sharing this excerpt from it. It is interesting how we define ourselves by our minds and intellects alone. It has been the quest throughout time to find balance in life in an emotional and mental sense, but we are never quite able to achieve it until we go beyond the mind and intellect. Those who have never gone there, which is the vast majority of human beings, cannot comprehend the immense peace and joy that exists there. It is only in going within that one can achieve perfect balance.

Om Shanti,

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