Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meditate to Activate My Shakti....

      I have now been engaged in a meditation program for just over three weeks, in which I meditate twice daily for 20 minute sessions. I have just recently added 5 minutes of basic pranayama before each meditation session. Over time I will be adding additional yogic practices to help enhance the journey to Spiritual Enlightenment. I am following the Advanced Yoga Practices, which can be found online at www.advancedyogapractices. So far it has been very beneficial in many ways, one of which is a marked inner calmness that was not so present before starting the meditation.
        Just recently over the last two days I have actually begun to experience waves of uncomfortable energy sweeping through my body off and on during the day and have felt rather agitated of mind. I find myself responding emotionally and randomly to others who I feel are attacking things important to me, and even to some things that had not mattered to me much at all or so I thought, if that makes any sense...
      Tonight I was reflecting on why I've been experiencing these emotional tantrums. Yogani, a long time Yogi and the author of AYP, suggests in his work that this is most likely the process of inner purification of the neurobiological system. Essentially the purification of the chakra system that runs from the perineum, where the root (Muladhara) chakra is located, all the way up to the Ajna chakra, also known as the Third Eye. During this inner purification, any blockages that may be present are worked out thus freeing the kundalini energy to ride smoothly from bottom to top. This process can take weeks or months, and in many cases years to complete itself.
       I have also devoted myself in sadhana to Maa Durga. The energy of shakti, meaning the sacred force or empowerment of the divine feminine creative power, also known as the Divine Mother of the Universe, can manifest in powerful ways within our lives. I believe this shakti energy could very well be contributing to my emotional state and the uncomfortable energy surges I have been feeling physically. The key is to use this energy in productive and creative ways. Some great outlets for this energy would be walking in nature, free-style dancing, practicing yoga, creating art, doing charity work, even blogging. These are all wonderful ways to engage this divine energy moving within us on a daily basis. As one becomes more in tune with the higher vibrations of the universe, the more aware one becomes of these energies and the more powerfully they manifest.
       Meditation is an amazing way to increase our awareness of the connection we have to one another and the world around us, as well as our connection to the vastness of the universe. It requires a diligent daily practice of meditation and sadhana over a period of time for the full benefits to manifest in one's life. Sadhana essentially means a spiritual practice. That practice can take many forms in our lives. It could be daily devotional worship or bhakti to one's preferred deity. In my case, that would be Maa Durga. It may be doing consistent humanitarian work, it can even be a health and fitness ritual. We are often times performing sadhana in our daily life and not even realize it. It is important to realize the spiritual aspect of what we are devoting ourselves to. So if you have never engaged in meditation and feel a desire to start, there is no time like the present. It will benefit you more than you could possibly imagine. I will be sharing the various benefits of meditation in another post. Happy Meditating:)

Jai Maa Durga!

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