Monday, November 19, 2012

The Womb of the Universe

My Mother,
Auspicious doorway,
Clothed in space,
Dressed in emptiness
Adorned only by vastness
The naked moment,
Birthing in every second renewed and continual

You create our worlds, for pleasure, play, and our learning
You measure all worlds, you measure us into existence
You birth all worlds, you birth us
You nurse all worlds, you nurse us
You grow all worlds, you grow us
You dissolve all worlds, you are the end of us as we know ourselves
You mature all worlds, you are our maturing

You are our supporter, mother of the universe
Cause of bliss,
Destroyer of misery and poverty,
Bestower of eloquence, the power of speech
The virtuous bestower of magnificent desires
The rider of time, the dissolver of time, the creator of time

Slayer, mother, and nurse
Servant and sovereign 
Authority and student
Worshipped and the worshipper
 You live in the act in between
The play, player, played, and the playing
The magic of nothing within the loving field of everything

The power of Women
Supreme and subservient
Dancing life into being
Serving and being served

The power that is unstoppable
Drunk on bliss
Wielding the cleaver that separates false from true
Untouched, unattached, by passion, yet the heart of passion itself
The red flow, death of the ego
Creator of fear, laughing loudly at its play
The luminous beauty of the eyes that see so clearly
Rolling with love piercing with gratitude
Yet demure, deep, and enticing
In the softness of the lotus heart 
Adorned with rubies glowing

Your form is the night of time
Eternal night, eternal rest
A bed where all identities come to dissipate

You are the authentic sound of Being
Creation resounding resonating
Rumbling through awareness
The hum in the back of our thoughts
The hum in the background of our feelings
The hum as our bodies unite

Dominate in bed
Tiger footed in movement
Sure and agile
Graceful and serene
Hair wild and free flowing in all directions
You ride creation into being

As the power of time
You devour us, your children
As the power of time
You stand astride, resplendent upon the corpse of this universe
When we are born you are there
When we die you are there also
Eternally the same in the intensity of being

All our acts, all our fruits, come back to you Mother
Everything returns back to you
It is only our arrogance that stops us seeing the truth as it is

All that is limited fears that beyond its limits
You as the creator of time, stand beyond time, beyond limits
One who is beyond all fear can protect us all from fear
As long as we identify with anything there is fear
This is why you are clothed in space
The dissolving of all fear into freedom

Based on the 108 Names of Kali
(Womb Wisdom: Padma and Anaiya Aon Prakasha)