Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mother Moon...

Luis Ricardo Falero, Moon Nymph

Mother Moon

Oh Mother Moon, who guides this inner world,
you are my secret dream, my hidden inmost need,
obscured by the outer facade
that keeps me shroud in deception. 
You are the gatekeeper
of the nethermost regions of my soul.

Internal sanctums of consciousness,
Oh Luna, are your garden for my inner child. 
Vulnerable, exposed, 
when your luminous light shines upon me. 
I am naked,
conflicted with my exoteric nature. 

Oh Selene, beautiful winged goddess!
You ride upon the intuitive waters
of my psyche,
expanding my resilience on golden wing,
clipped, I  am mercurial, 
quicksilver, changing from moment to moment.

Sentimental fool, you take me for,
immersing me in a pool of nostalgia
only to rebirth the past,
again and again.
You slumber in the dark abyss
of my imagination, laying in wait
to reveal my aesthetic beauty. 

Mother Moon, arcane enchantress,
animating the rhythmic 
ebb and flow of all life,
waxing maiden, waning crone,
wandering through my clandestine realms,
bending me to my knees, your lesson
in wholeness unravels me.
You speak of 'new beginnings', forcing 
me to bury old wounds in the
graveyard of my heart, where you stand
as guardian of my authentic Self.

Jennifer Adams Teasley © 2012
The Cosmic Poet

    I have become an avid poet and will be sharing some of my works on this blog, but if you want to follow my poetry blog I would be happy to have you:) For a long time I have struggled with expressing myself to the outside world. It is not that I am not open to others, per say, more that my outer expression does a poor job of relating my inmost feelings. Poetry has opened up a whole new world for me. Most all of my poetry expresses some aspect of myself, such as the poem above. My astrological birthchart has indicated my difficulty of reconciling my inner and outer worlds together. I think most see me as one thing on the outside surface, but confuse that with what I really am deep inside. I am so thankful to have discovered this new found love of the written word in the form of poetry. I will also be trying my hand at some prose as well:)
     I greatly appreciate those who take the time to read my words. Most of us have a deep need to share ourselves with the others in some form or another. To make a difference in someone's life. There are so many ways to express ourselves, the arts is just one way. I think the greatest  is when we serves others, with no ulterior motive, just the simple joy of giving. This is what Karma yoga is all about.
     I hope that through my poetry I may be able to touch some heart, as other's poetry has touched mine. This poem above is part of a series of astrological poems I am creating. Astrology is another huge passion of mine. I am studying it and hope to become at least an amateur astrologer one day. As of yet, I have only studied Western astrology, but would love to learn Vedic (jyotish) astrology as well. I have enjoyed mingling astrology with poetry:)

Jai Maa,


  1. Beautiful, Nirvani, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I have such a hard time articulating the way the Moon makes me feel, but your poem about sums it up. When the Call of the Moon is upon me, I am incapable of staying indoors. I must bathe in Her Light & Dance in Her Glory.

  2. Thank you for the kind words Sarah! Yes the moon does have her way with us:) You are a kindred spirit!