Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Kismet

John William Waterhouse

My Kismet

‘Oh what webs we weave’

Iconic words of yesteryear come to mind

Only to realize that it is I who have been deceived

Unwittingly, self-contriving my own destiny

Left me spinning in a loop of unending pain

Mixed with joy and a tad bit of bliss

A karmic cocktail imprinted on my consciousness

The causatum of thought and action

Runs deeper than my mere puny grasping intelligence

My kismet ascertained

Or so it would seem, until my soul whispered to me

‘Find your true Self and get off this train

Of perpetual death and rebirth

For you are but a drop in the ocean of Source’

And so began my journey of Self-Realization

Jennifer Adams Teasley ©2012

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