Thursday, January 3, 2013

Am I Love?

Do I feel deeply a sincere love for all beings around me,
or am I making some kind of drama of love to confuse others? 
Do I live the life of actual love or do I make a show of love
and use the word love like a professional, an expert, to win the                      friendship and favor of others?
Do I have love or am I love?
Am I alive or am I life?
Am I conscious or am I consciousness?
Am I blissful or am I bliss?
Am I searching for ultimate reality or am I ultimate reality?

Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

I was listening to a podcast this morning from Manorama, who teaches Sanskrit and Yoga Studies and she spoke these words from her Guruji and it struck me with great force. I wrote them down and read them over and over again. I actually felt overwhelmed by tears. Frankly, these are questions I had not directly thought of and applied to my life. I have decided to make these words my motto for the 2013 year and will place them where I can see them  and will ask myself these questions every day of this year. These are questions that we should all ponder and reflect upon as we meditate each day. It is not enough to speak of love, we must be love....I know very few human beings in my life who actually live as if they are love itself, including myself. This is my New Year's resolution, to strive everyday to become Love, what I am.

Jai Maa,


  1. A wonderful intention for this year. Brahmananda Sarasvati is the guru of the ashram I visit every summer. He left his physical body in 1993 but his presence is still very much there, in his devotees and his teachings. I consider him a powerful guide in my own life!

  2. How blessed you are Uma to live where you do...I wish so much I had an ashram on the island here. His words certainly spoke to me. Are you familiar with Manorama as well? She is by far, to me anyway, the most experienced in the study of Sanskrit linguistics. She is amazing really. I would give anything to take one of her classes!

  3. oh what a beautiful surprise for me, I am from India, and I am astonished reading about you Nirvani, what a beautiful name, you are definitely a goddess. I have no words fur you & your passion & devotion, I Love every word about you. Immediate outburst, Instant outburst from me. I love you.

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