Monday, July 1, 2013

Shiva's Wild Woman

(artwork: Roger Williamson Art)

Shiva's Wild Woman

I am femininity embodied,
Deity made flesh, perfection
Embedded in flaw.
Un-submissive feminist,
Barefoot mama on a mission
To strengthen the sisterhood of souls.
The androgynous love, pouring
From my cosmic yoni
Paints the world in supernatural perceptions.
To one I am femme fatale,
Dangerously sacrilegious, ego-stripping
Mata Hari-esque.
To another, the primordial paradox,
The unsolvable puzzle. 
To my Self, the constant
Creator and destroyer
Dancing my way 
Through the universe.
Some call me 
Shiva's wild woman.

Nirvani Teasley, 2013


  1. Breathtaking, Nirvani! I think Kali's energy is strong in many women right now. She is moving in the hearts of many sisters.