Saturday, March 15, 2014

Checking in....

O Divine Mother, I Am Thine,
For Thou Art Eternally Mine

     I lay garlands of my devotion, strung with many-hued flowers 
of lofty inspiration, at Thy lotus feet.
     I beheld Thee dancing in the twinkling stars. I glimpsed Thy
scintillating magic in the aurora borealis. I heard the dance of
Thy beating feet in crashing ocean waves as they rushed toward
earth's shores. I marveled at Thy leaps and pirouettes portraying,
on the great stage of time, evolution's fantastic upward sweep. And
I thrill to see, everywhere, excitement and activity in Thy great
drama of all life.
     Alas, Divine Mother! I have yet to behold Thy bliss-faced
 peeping from behind what I now know to be only veils! The thick
clouds of outward appearances are offset by little, teasing hints of
Thy smile, reflected in my breeze-rippled, flickering thoughts.
     How long I have yearned to behold Thee! My yearning burns
with a million tongues of flame. They leap high, and light the vast
firmament of my consciousness. The force that holds together the 
planets binds together also into a heavy ball the burden of my 
self-recognition, holding me to earth. Yet the twinkling stars of my
soul-aspiration spin high overhead, and form a mighty whirlwind
which draws me upward. Their light beams down upon me, 
banishing my shadows of ignorance and dissolving, one by one, all
the crusted limitations that cover my soul. Light transforms the gray
pebbles of my desires into shining crystals reflecting Thy joy.
     By my light of concentrated aspiration, all falseness has been
consumed. Ah, but, Divine Mother, where art Thou? A great void
around me mocked my very yearning.
     "Why?" I asked. And my tears fell--dewdrops of shining light 
from my firmament above. Then at last Thy sweet voice came, 
tender with compassion; I heard Thee say: "Thy very light by which
thou seekest Me is, already, Myself! Thou hast sought Me else-
where than in thyself; yet I am thou! Thou art I! There can never
be aught but thine own Self. I come to thee through thyself.
Worship me as separate, if you like, but know who I am: thy very
own Self! O eternally beloved child, we are one!"
     Mother, how can I thank Thee! I will ever be Thine, for Thou
art eternally mine. Still, I love to behold Thee through my window
of self-understanding as if dancing outside me also; to see Thee
smiling with tantalizing sweetness! Yet I know the dance takes 
place, in truth, only here in my heart. 

~Paramahansa Yogananda

    So sorry I have not been around these last few months. Family concerns and various health issues and, well, life in general has keep me very busy as of late. I hope to be blogging more often as I miss it greatly:) I hope all is well for my fellow kindred spirits out there. Goddess Bless Always!

Jai Maa,

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